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Archives: WoodFil Questions

Can WoodFil EPOXY be sculpted?

WoodFil EPOXY is great for sculpting.

Can it be drilled?

Yes WoodFil EPOXY can absolutely be drilled after it is allowed to cure.

What is the largest sized hole you can fill?

WoodFil EPOXY can accommodate just about any size hole. Since WoodFil EPOXY never shrinks you never have to worry about adding second applications.

Can WoodFil EPOXY be used on the exterior and exposed to outdoor weather?

Yes WoodFil EPOXY holds up well to outdoor conditions.

What benefits does WoodFil EPOXY have for woodcarvers or woodworkers?

WoodFil EPOXY can be sanded, stained, drilled, sculpted, molded, varnished and many other things. We have received many photographs from happy users that have found WoodFil EPOXY to be a great fix for simple to big mistakes made during fabrication of a product. Also it can be used as part of a project directly.

Is WoodFil EPOXY a wood repair product or a wood rebuild product?

WoodFil EPOXY has the amazing ability to repair wood but also can be used to sculpt and rebuild wood. It is ideal for fixing chips off ornate wood that needs to be sculpted or simply just filling a hole.

Can WoodFil EPOXY be sanded?

Yes it can and ideally you can sand before allowing the EPOXY to cure fully.

Will WoodFil EPOXY stain the same color as the host wood?

NO, WoodFil EPOXY stain will be a bit lighter than the host wood.

Can WoodFil EPOXY be varnished?

Yes it can be!

Can WoodFil EPOXY be stained?

Yes it can be stained but at times will appear a bit lighter than the parent wood.