WoodFil EPOXY - Wood Repair/Rebuilder

WoodFil EPOXYRepair, rebuild, model, and explore all the applications of Kampel’s WoodFil EPOXY.

Repair and rebuild wood fast and easy. WoodFil EPOXY is a two-part, hand mixable EPOXY putty used to repair and rebuild real wood. The product adheres to a component, dries hard and makes an extremely durable repair. WoodFil EPOXY also does not shrink! The product typically has a 15-25 minute work-life and after 60 minutes can be sanded, filed, drilled, machined, stained and/or painted. It is easy to use, safe, contains no solvents, and does not require special storage. Typical applications are repairing holes drilled or nailed off location, staple holes, and seams at butt joints on manufactured cabinets. WoodFil EPOXY can be used for professional trades as well as do-it-yourselfers.


WoodFil EPOXY is available in 5 Standard Colors and White

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