About Us

L.J. & F.M. Kampel & SonAmerican Technology Inc. is proudly the only on-line distributor for Kampel Enterprises Inc. Kampel Enterprises, Inc. was established as “L.J. & F.M. Kampel & Son” in 1948 by Lawrence J., Florence M., and Lawrence J. Kampel Jr. building countertops and cabinets in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. The company sold their countertops and cabinets in South Central Pennsylvania until the late 1950’s. As the business developed, Lawrence Jr. fostered ideas that allowed the company to take a new direction. Determined to fix damaged countertops without replacing entire laminate sections, he designed a color specific laminate repair product. This unique product is called SeamFil. In 1954, during the inception of SeamFil, the company was organized and incorporated with Lawrence Kampel Jr. as its President.

Now in its fourth generation, Kampel Enterprises, Inc. continues with its commitment to providing the kitchen and bath industry the finest quality products and customer service available. The company’s commitment to these values is evidenced by over 700 distributors nationwide and more than 25 international customers. Tom Kampel, company President and CEO, today carries on this legacy driven by his ongoing dedication to every employee and customer.

The Kampel Promise

We the employees and owners of Kampel Enterprises, Incorporated, Promise our customers superior quality, exceptional delivery and personalized service. Our sincere dedication to satisfying our customer’s needs and supplying quality products has been our hallmark for more than 60 years.


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