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My laminate has a pattern/flecks in it, will the Seamfil have these variations in it, too?

Seamfil is always a solid color, as there is no way to replicate a multi-colored flecks or patterns with the Seamfil prodcut. When you order a Special or Custom Color Seamfil to match a laminate that has color variations, the Seamfil will be mixed to match to one of the main colors in the laminate.

Can I use other solvents and paint thinners with SeamFil without damaging my counter?

SF-99 is a special proprietary blend of solvents that was designed for specific use on laminates and with SeamFil.  Other solvents can cause what’s called crazing which is dulling of the surface of your laminate or cracking.  We highly recommend only using SF-99 while doing your repair.

Can I use SeamFil to repair burn marks?

SeamFil bonds to the substrate of the laminate (the wood underneath the laminate) and will not repair large burn marks, however it can be used to fill in small burnt areas where the damage is cleaned correctly.

How large of damage can I repair?

We recommend repairing damage no larger than ¼”.  SeamFil will shrink and can crack when working on areas that are too large.

My SeamFil is drying too quickly, can I slow it down?

To increase the cure time of SeamFil, 944 SeamFil Retarder can be added to the mix.

What does SeamFil look like once it dries?

SeamFil dries to a matte finish. To obtain a Glossy Finish, 943 Clear Gloss should be added.

What kind of heat can SeamFil withstand?

SeamFil can withstand heat up to 120 degrees.

How long will SeamFil last?

SeamFil has a shelf life of 1 year if opened and correctly capped, two years, if unopened.

Will SeamFil freeze?

SeamFil will not freeze.

How much will one tube of SeamFil cover?

One (one ounce tube of SeamFil) will approximately fill an 8 foot seam of counter with an 1/8″ bead. If the seam is wider that 1/16″ (but should never be larger that 1/8″) a second application will probably be necessary. It can be used to fill an area that is no longer than 1/4″ in […]