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SeamFil Retarder 944 1oz Tube




  • Packaged in 1oz tube
  • SeamFil Retarder is formulated to extend the curing time of SeamFil. Add up to 40% Retarder for as much as 8 minutes of additional working time!
  • Recommended when mixing colors.


  • SeamFil is a single part, solvent based repair system for high pressure laminated (HPL) surfaces. It will cure in approximately one hour, but we recommend 24 hours for total cure.
  • SF-99 Solvent is the ONLY recommended solvent for use with SeamFil.
  • One (one ounce tube of SeamFil) will approximately fill an 8 foot Seam of Counter with an 1/8″ bead. If the seam is wider than 1/16″ (but should never be larger than 1/8″) a second application will probably be necessary. It can be used to fill an area that is no longer than 1/4″ in diameter.
  •  SeamFil will not freeze because of the solvent.
  • The shelf-life of SeamFil is 1 year if opened and correctly capped, two years, if unopened.
  • SeamFil can withstand heat up to 120 °
  • SeamFil’s VOC is 48 (529 g voc / L) wet measurement and SF99 Solvent is 100% VOC and will attack non-laminate surfaces like, finished wood, PVC, etc.
  • SeamFil dries to a matte finish. To obtain a Glossy Finish, 943 Clear Gloss should be added.
  • To increase the cure time of SeamFil, 944 SeamFil Retarder can be added to the mix.
  • SeamFil is a one-part system that is a solid color. It does not have any variation of color within the tube for patterns or woodgrain effects.
  • SeamFil is NOT recommended for use on Solid Surface materials. Our ColorFlex or ColorFlex II product is used for Solid Surfaces.

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