SeamFil – Laminate Repair Custom Color 1oz. Tube


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The “ORIGINAL” laminate repair solution. This user friendly product will quickly and easily fix damage or fill seams on your laminate counter surface. Repair nicks, fill seams and make gouges all but disappear with this one-part system. SeamFil laminate repair bonds mechanically to the substrate of laminate and dries hard, becoming a permanent part of the laminate surface. SeamFil laminate repair also resists moisture, detergents, and other household products as effectively as the original laminate. Typical applications for this product are filling standard joints, cracks, chips and other imperfections where the dark substrate is visible. Properly used, custom colored SeamFil laminate repair will hide defects beautifully for the life of the counter.

  • SeamFil custom colored laminate repair product is specifically matched to samples of laminate that are forwarded to us by the customer as well as older laminate colors that are no longer carried.
  • To order SeamFil in a color not listed on our website, call Customer Service at 1-877-318-8001. Our Customer Service representative will be able to tell you if we have a sample of your particular color in-house or if we will need you to send us a sample. When calling, please be prepared to supply the name of the manufacturer and the color name and color number of the laminate (if possible). We are able to custom match to all samples (laminate, flooring, paint, wood, etc. .) supplied to us.

If one of our customer service representatives requests a sample please fill out the following PDF.

Please reference the Special Color product page to ensure that you do not have a laminate that is current from one of the major manufacturers, Formica, Pionite, Nevamar, and Wilsonart.


  • The price for this item is $37.95 for the first tube, and $11.00 for each additional tube of the same color.


  • SeamFil is a single part, solvent based repair system for high pressure laminated surfaces. It will cure in approximately one hour, but we recommend 24 hours for total cure.
  • SF-99 Solvent is the ONLY recommended solvent for use with SeamFil.
  • One (one ounce tube of SeamFil) will approximately fill an 8 foot Seam of Counter with an 1/8″ bead. If the seam is wider than 1/16″ (but should never be larger than 1/8″) a second application will probably be necessary.  It can be used to fill an area that is no longer than 1/4″ in diameter.
  •  SeamFil will not freeze because of the solvent.
  • The shelf-life of SeamFil is one year if opened and correctly capped, two years, if unopened.
  • SeamFil can withstand heat up to 120 °
  • SeamFil’s VOC is 48 (529 g voc / L) wet measurement and SF-99 Solvent is 100% VOC and will attack non-laminate surfaces like, finished wood, PVC, etc.
  • SeamFil dries to a matte finish. To obtain a Glossy Finish, 943 Clear Gloss should be added.
  • To increase the cure time of SeamFil, 944 SeamFil Retarder can be added to the mix.
  • SeamFil is a one-part system that is a solid color. It does not have any variation of color within the tube for patterns or wood grain effects.
  •  SeamFil is NOT recommended for use on Solid Surface materials. Our ColorFlex product is used for Solid Surfaces.
  • If purchasing SeamFil, we strongly recommended that you use SF-99 solvent for preparation of the laminate and clean-up following application.

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