Axiom 25™ - Colored Silicone Sealant

Axiom 25100% Silicone sealant for all your kitchen and bathroom needs.

Axiom 25 is 100% silicone. It is easy to apply using a two piece cartridge system with a screw on nozzle for superior bead control. Axiom 25 works well on solid surfaces, engineered stone, cultured marble and other non-porous surfaces. Since it contains adhesive and is highly resistant to moisture and mildew, it is great to use for fastening backsplashes, sealing bath and shower surrounds and windowsills. In addition, due to its composition, it works well for hygiene seals in refrigeration and food prep areas. Unlike latex caulk, it cannot be painted and you must use mineral spirits for clean-up.

Professional 10.3 oz (305 ml) two piece cartridge system with screw on nozzle for superior bead control.


Translucent silicone colors in White, Beige, Gray, Green, Charcoal and Earth

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